Home Owners Are To Use Sash Windows Because They Are The Best

Sash windows comprise of movable parts called sashes. The sashes are responsible for holding glasses in a vertical or horizontal position. The windows are also called hung sash, and usually slide when opening or closing. The technology developed first from the inventions of Robert Hooke.

Notable example of such invention is in England at Ham House. This was the first place where the technology was used. Victorian and Georgian houses exhibit this technology more than many households in the world. These houses had six panel glasses which were arranged vertically. Different buildings were later developed with less number of glasses. Security of people is ensured when using this technology.

The use of springs is important as it aids in the overall strength of the sash windows. When they are held together they are able to move from one side to the other without problems. The needs of users often dictate the size of the sash to use in a particular building. Personal houses use smaller sizes like one meter, while public places like churches use bigger sizes. This is done to ensure brightness in the huge buildings.

The use of steel is important because it helps the overall technology operate effectively. Steel is heavy and when used it always ensures less breakages to the other materials. The heavy metal is fixed on one end of the sash windows with a long string which is fitted to a pulley to ensure ease in movement. Springs balances can also be used instead of pulleys.

The need for such a technology is of immense necessity as it gives any family different options when opening and closing their windows. It is possible to close one side and open the other when more air is desired inside a room. Different people use this technology because it is easy to operate. There are different materials that can be used instead of glass and these depend on the needs of the users.

Currently there are different companies that are producing the materials. Such companies also have their own engineers who patronize the houses of people to fix breakages. Users are constantly advised by these companies to remind their children to open and close their windows slowly to avoid breakages. Oil is used to lubricate the corners where hinges are fitted. This is necessary as it reduces friction when operating the panes.

The hinges placed on the windows are fixed on one side. This makes the windows strong and compact when closed. A different side is often left without hinges to make it easy for users to clean them. The open side is an exit and entrance place for people when escaping or going in after losing the door keys. The term Hung sash is commonly used in the United States because they usually have windows that are bigger, which have two movements. This type is convenient for people who have big houses but only want to have a little space for increased oxygen.

Different home owners use softwood instead of glass in their buildings. The only disadvantage with wood is that it is destroyed by rain and sunlight. Excessive rain rots the wood making it fragile and prone to easy destruction. Hot weather also makes the good finish fade off easily leaving the wood with a rough finish. Paints applied to wood to give a clear finish, are easily erased during hot and cold weather.

Daily cleaning and repairing the glass and panes is essential as it increases the lifespan of the materials. Different people prefer glass because it keeps a house bright and requires less energy and effort when cleaning. Wood on the other hand is used easily but does not provide enough light as required. Cleaning and repairing the materials is easy because the panes can be moved easily from one direction to another.

The use of PVC materials is currently becoming common instead of wood and glass. The main advantage with PVC is that it never requires any painting and has minimum wear and tear. Users of this material confirm that it is strong and cheap making it affordable to any person. All the materials including the PVC provide safety of individuals.

Majority of home owners use sash windows because of their ability to provide enough fresh air inside a building. They are advantageous to many users because they can be opened from both sides. The top area of the windows allows for hot air escaping while the lower part brings in cool air during hot weather. The use of this technology is now common around the world.

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